Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cool Texture

My sister has been instructing me in the ways of cool textures as of late, and how to incorporate them into digital painting. As usually happens with anything she introduces me to, I was instantly hooked.

We walked the dogs today, and as usual they had to stop every few yards to investigate an interesting smell. I'm sure it got pretty annoying to Sarah when, in addition, I had to stop every few yards to take a picture of an interesting texture. But, we found some cool stuff, the kind you might normally pass by. This was the side of a decrepit mailbox we found


  1. Wow...
    That IS really cool. Aren't old, batter, falling-apart, rusty, dirty things amazing and beautiful?

  2. I know- I don't get it when people say "Ewww, that's gross and falling apart!" To me it's more like, "Whoa, cool! That's gross and falling apart!"

    Like, there totally needs to be a city beautification project where they just let everything go to seed, rust, canker, and disintegrate lol

  3. :)
    That's got to be one of the BEST textures I've ever seen!!! Can't believe it's a photo and not digitalized!!

  4. :) Glad you like it. It is a photo, but I enhanced the color a bit