Monday, August 2, 2010

Breakfast Zombies: How do your eggs like YOU?

Goofy drawing prompt from this morning lol. Its fun when your sister is an artist too so you can do stuff like this over breakfast :)

Top: This guy was hardcore. He had a spiderweb tattoo on the back of his head, and a jolly roger beneath that. Not to mention an assortment of other tattoos and piercings. But he was actually a pretty nice guy.
He may make it into a story . . .

Bottom: Ironically Enough, I encountered this guy at the "Maverick" Gas Station. He had the coolest hat- a really interesting shape. I don't know that I quite caught it. He kind of reminds me of Kraven the Hunter from Spiderman.

Theses last two guys are characters from that comic I was talking about before. I'm still working out story kinks, but I'll keep posting concepts. The one on the left is a younger version of Jonathan Sykes, and the one on the right is the main character, a Detroit Gangster tentatively named "Shoes".


  1. Gosh, my breakfasts are so much more boring compared to yours, (but lets not compare shall we?)
    Anyways, is Shoes the character you were talking about? he doesn't look that much like the boy from Static Shock, I don't think you need to worry so much about that
    Also, your style is changing a little, and I rather like it :]

  2. I like the changing, too. You're getting slicker and simpler. Not as much waffling and footling--more like, "I know what I'm putting down, and it's just right. The first time." Way to be, man! Love the Kraven guy. I've always thought that was an ironic name, seeing as "craven" means "cowardly."

    I am also a breakfast zombie, but not in the same way. I can barely get myself up in the morning. Maybe I should just shut off my 6AM alarm permanently, or set it for later. All I do is climb out of bed and turn off the thing, then climb back into bed. Usually I ACTUALLY rise at around 8 or 8:30. Which is like 7 or 7:30 your time.

    Wow, this was fulla random stuff. But I had fun posting it! I can't wait to see you and all the others soon!

  3. Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it!

    Yeah, I've never been a zombie, but if I was, I would imagine it would feel something like 7:00 AM . . . :)