Monday, April 26, 2010

Light Eternal

Okay, an actual thought for a change. Maybe not deep, but it was encouraging to me.

I was just thinking today about how no matter what happens, and how dark it gets, if we trust in God and do our best things just turn out right. So I wrote a poem:

Darkness is a jealous creature
Fighting nightly for the skies
But even when it consumes the sun
Our hearts still burn inside
Day. Night. Eclipse. Light.
Amidst the blackness, take hope
For the sun still burns
Beneath night's starry cloak
And when it sinks below the horizon
We must trust it shall return
Rolling upon the backs of the mountains


  1. you're a poet too (another new thing about Josh)
    I like this post very much, though I don't think I understand the poem all the way I really like the feeling and the imagery it has

  2. it's basically about the inevitability of the triumph of good, and how if individually and as a world we just hang in there, things will turn out right. Night comes, but no matter how hard it tries it won't last forever. Eclipses cover the sun, but imposing as they are, they can't last. It's like that with life- sometimes it's dark and it's tempting to sink into despair, but if you just hang in there and do your best the sun will always come back. There is always a better time ahead. So yeah, that's the long and short of it :)

  3. I like that a lot. It's true, and it has a lot of ethos to it; it ties very deeply into one's personal emotion and sparks a fire of hope. Great work my friend!

  4. Your poem was clear enough that I got the message,
    but not in that detail so thank you for the explanation! The part I didn't really understand was the last two lines but I understand that now too! aww I really love this poem, it's really strengthening, such a Josh poem! :D