Monday, April 26, 2010


I was just digging through my drive and I found this old picture from a family frog hunt in Wyoming. It blows me away how good frogs are at camouflage! Check this out- no photoshop, I promise:

You can tell a bit more in this version, which was prettied up a bit in photoshop. See if you can find all 11 (Click to zoom):


  1. aaawwww such cute frogs,, this is really cool how do you hunt them and what do you do with the frogs? the photoshop one is beautifully done

  2. Thanks : ) Most of the time the frogs just hide down in the gully in front of our house, but every so often they just decide to try to take over. When they do that, there's no particular technique to catching them- they're everywhere. I think at one point we had 17 frogs in our bowl. As for what we do with them, we kind of just turn them loose after watching them for a while

  3. WHOA!! That took me forever to find them! I had to see the large image and then zoom in before I realized that they were all on the outer edge of the colored pebbles! :)

  4. whoa! 17 frogs in one bowl!
    lol ninja frogs,
    the teenage mutant ninja frogs,
    oh boy,,,,